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    • Caramel Pear Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie, sliced pear & caramel sauce

    • Cinnamon Apple Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and diced cinnamon apples

    • Chocolate Opera (GF)


      Classic but delicious. Flourless chocolate Joconde Sponge, Chocolate cream, Guayaquil  Ganache, Cacao Jelly. *Gluten free*

    • Teriyaki Chicken


      Chicken Tenderloin, Teriyaki Sauce, Mayo, Sesame, Bonito amd Dried seaweed.

    • Christmas Special Cake 2022


      Chocolate Sacher Sponge, Hazelnut Praline  Crunch, Hazelnut Streussel, Caramelized Hazelmut Praline Paste, Gianduja Ganache, Double Chocolate Mousse. *Available to pick up on 23rd and 24th of December only*

    • Christmas Special Cake 2021


      Christmas Special Cake. Available on Thursday 23/12 & Friday 24/12 ONLY. Matcha Mousse, Plum Jelly, Brown Diced Apple, Matcha Almond Sponge, Almond Short Bread.

    • Easter Special Cake 2024


      Easter Special Cake 2024 Yoghurt, Chocolate , Caramel , Passionfruit, Mango, Apricot. *Available to Pick up on Wed-Thursday 27-28th of March Only*

    • Christmas Special Cake 2020


      Christmas Special Cake. Belgium Dark Chocolate Sponge, Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch, Raspberry Mousse & Vanilla Chantilly. *Available on 23/12 & 24/12 Only*

    • Christmas Special Cake 2023


      Chocolate Sponge, Almond Short Biscuit, Black Currant Jelly,Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry Coulis, Vanilla Mousse. *Available to pick up on 23rd and 24th of December only*

    • Mother’s Day Special Cake


      Mother’s Day Special Cake. Available on Sunday 09/05/2021 ONLY. Chocolate Short Bread, Chocolate Sponge, Caramel Cremeux, Yoghurt Mousse, Caramel Chantilly Cream.

    • Mother’s Day Special Cake 2023


      2023 Mother’s Day Special Cake Chocolate Choux, Chocolate Craquelin, Nutella Pastry Cream, Hazelnut Praline, Vanilla Chantilly Only Availabe on Mother’s Day, Sunday 14/05 2023.

    • Valentine’s Special Hand Made Chocolate


      Special Valentine’s hand made chocolate. Box of 8 pieces including one of the award-winning international recipe by our head chef: From top left: Vanilla Plum, Matcha Sesame, Caramel Yuzu, Orange Guayaquil, Hazelnut Crunch, Assam Milk Tea, Almond Coffee and Mango Tea.

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