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Product Categories

    • Strawberry Almond Tart


      Almond Short Bread, Almond Cream, House made Berry Jam, Cream Patisserie & Fresh Strawberry

    • Passionfruit Almond Tart


      Almond Short Bread, Almond Cream, Passion fruit Cremeux & Lemon Meringue.

    • Matcha Cheesecake


      Short Bread, Baked Cheesecake, Matcha Mascarpone Mousse & Match & Sesame Crumble.

    • Mixed Berry & Vanilla Mousse Cake


      Match Sponges, Match Chocolate Crunch, Mixed Berry Cremeux & Vanilla mousse.

    • Pineapple Coconut Mousse Cake (GF)


      Fresh pineapple, Chocolate flourless sponge, Mongo Jelly with Coconut Mousse & Roasted Coconut. (Gluten Free)

    • Chocolate Tiramisu


      Chocolate Sponge, Mascarpone Mousse, 2 types of Belgium Chocolate, Strong Syrup & Chocolate Crumble.

    • Macaron 6 Pieces


      All our macarons are made with chocolate shell to balance the sweetness. The current flavours are: Cacao, Pistachio , Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Matcha Sesame, Sour Strawberry, Coffee Latte, Passion Mango, Oolong Tea Please put your preferred flavour in the comment otherwise we will pack the most popular flavours for you 🙂 Please NOTE not every flavour is availabe everyday.

    • Plain Croissant


      Traditional plain croissant made with French flour, French butter & Love.

    • Chocolate Croissant


      Traditional chocolate croissant with 2 Belgium chocolate batons

    • Almond Croissant


      Filled with almond cream & garnished with almond flakes

    • Chocolate & Almond Croissant


      Filled with almond cream, a Belgium chocolate baton & garnished with almond flakes

    • Peanut Butter Croissant


      Filled with House made Peanut Butter

    • Ham & Cheese Croissant


      Baked with smoked ham, Swiss gruyere & seeded mustard

    • German Sausage & Caramelised Onion Croissant


      Baked with cheesy German sausage, house made caramelised onion & smoked barbecue sauce

    • Spicy Salami


      Baked with Salami, roasted peppers, jalapeno & spicy tomato sauce

    • Chicken, Corn & Bacon Croissant


      Croissant filled with Chicken, Corn, Bacon, Sundried Tomatos and house made Bechamel. Special Pattern on the outside making it extra crunchy.

    • Hot Dog Croissant


      Hot Dog Crossiant with American Pork Sausage and sesame,pepitas, herbs on the top.

    • Shallot & Corn Croissant (V)


      Croissant Quiche filled with Shallots, Corns and Egg mix. Vegetarian

    • Sour Cherry Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and Sour Cherries

    • Raspberry Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and Raspberry

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