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    • Pork Floss


      Croissant filled with Pork Floss, Mayo, Seaweed and White Sesame.

    • Spicy Tuna


      Croissant filled with Spicy Mayo, Tuna, Seaweed and Black Sesame.

    • Plain Croissant


      Traditional plain croissant made with French flour, French butter & Love.

    • Chocolate Croissant


      Traditional chocolate croissant with 2 Belgium chocolate batons

    • Almond Croissant


      Filled with almond cream & garnished with almond flakes

    • Chocolate & Almond Croissant


      Filled with almond cream, a Belgium chocolate baton & garnished with almond flakes

    • Peanut Butter Croissant


      Filled with House made Peanut Butter

    • Ham & Cheese Croissant


      Baked with smoked ham, Swiss gruyere & seeded mustard

    • German Sausage & Caramelised Onion Croissant


      Baked with cheesy German sausage, house made caramelised onion & smoked barbecue sauce

    • Spicy Salami


      Baked with Salami, roasted peppers, jalapeno & spicy tomato sauce

    • Chicken, Corn & Bacon Croissant


      Croissant filled with Chicken, Corn, Bacon, Sundried Tomatos and house made Bechamel. Special Pattern on the outside making it extra crunchy.

    • Hot Dog Croissant


      Hot Dog Crossiant with American Pork Sausage and sesame,pepitas, herbs on the top.

    • Shallot & Corn Croissant (V)


      Croissant Quiche filled with Shallots, Corns and Egg mix. Vegetarian

    • Sour Cherry Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and Sour Cherries

    • Raspberry Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and Raspberry

    • Caramel Pear Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie, sliced pear & caramel sauce

    • Cinnamon Apple Danish


      Filled with house made Cream Patisserie and diced cinnamon apples

    • Teriyaki Chicken


      Chicken Tenderloin, Teriyaki Sauce, Mayo, Sesame, Bonito amd Dried seaweed.

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